Sticks and Stones, an animated alphabet ebook


book cover

Sticks and Stones is now available. It is an ePub3 ebook. The only readers that I am certain that it will play properly on are the iPad (or iPadMini) and the Readium extension in the Chrome browser.

Download a sample file of the ibook.

The ebook can be purchased directly from Polytropos Press:

Purchase and download the e-book

Sticks and Stones is now available on iTunes:

Purchase from iTunes

A few Android apps for ePub3 have now been announced and made available. Among the possibilities are the Ideal Group Reader with high ratings on the Google Play store, the Lektz ebook reader, a free e-reading app which also claims to be ePub3 capable, the Astri-bee reader gets high marks as a read-along reader, and the Helicon books reader, for $4.99, claims to be fully ePub3 capable, supporting animation, read-along and fixed-format 2-page spread books.

If you have an Android tablet, you may be interested in in acquiring one or more of these apps. I have no experience with any of them. Feedback from anyone who tries them would be welcome.