Sticks and Stones, an animated alphabet ebook
Who Is This Book For?

Young ChildrenStudentsGeeksBorderlands

Young Children

The animation associated with the letters will intrigue and captivate young children. Since the animation style is not predictable, they will not quickly tire of it. Older children will learn to associate the resulting patterns of sticks and stones with the letters they select. There are also "Easter eggs" hidden in some of the images, playing sounds when specific areas are selected. These areas remain to be found by hunting in the images.

Students interested computer language

The display of the ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) code for the Latin letters using sticks and stones as the 1's and 0's of binary teaches the basics of language and communication to students beginning their study of computers.


The display of the ASCII code for the Latin letters using sticks and stones, the randomly selected animation styles, the "Easter eggs" hidden in some of the images, all should tickle the fancy of the geeks among us.

People interested in Borderlands issues

The text associated with each letter of the alphabet provides commentary on life on the Arizona Borderlands. Topics discussed include immigration, ecology and the environment, geology, local life (plant & animal) and the local economy. The Introduction, written seven years ago in 2005, reflects conditions at that time. The Afterword reflects on the changes that have occurred between then and the present, late 2012.